Statues of Wallace and Rob Roy

Rob Roy or Willaim Wallace?

Rob Roy or William Wallce?

Two statues we adore are situated nicely in the heart of Stirling city centre. It’s difficult to decide which of the two is best. They offer a unique point of view and angle in so many ways.

What’s not to love about the highland rogue that is Rob Roy McGregor? He’s right up for a fight. Look at his demeanour as he encourages a clash from the foot of the Back Walk.

His angle poised, even without a weapon, he’ll take on anyone even bigger than him. He’s tiny, yet has massive hands, and has a real name for himself as a ‘pure radge’.

Wallace, on the other hand, is embracing his gentrified populous from the top of the Atheaeum on King Street. His ambitions are grand and he himself is sporting a rather ‘smart, casual’ look with sword tucked neatly behind his sophisticated himation. Plaid is simply the ‘look’ for this hot tottie!

You can find both these wonderful Monuments in the ancient town of Stirling and we can add them to your private tour of Scotland itinerary.

Rob roy
Rob Roy
William wallace
William Wallace