The question is, what is the best Scottish Guided tours?

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Why choose our Scottish guided tours ?

We at Heartland travel have many years’ experience of delivering exceptional Scottish guided tours.

We have several different ways for you to enjoy touring our wonderful country. You have the option of joining us on our 3- or 4-day Isle of Skye tours, giving you the chance to meet new people on our scheduled tour. We also offer a one-day tour for those of you who are short of time.

In addition to this, you can hire us exclusively to enjoy our Scottish guided tour service for your very own private customised tour. Bring your family or social group – we would love to show you some of the most remarkable places in the country.

Scottish guided tours
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Provided you have no more than 16 people in your group, we can fit everyone into one vehicle to travel together. If, however, your numbers are greater than this, we can bring in a larger vehicle to fit everyone and keep things as easy as possible for you.

Let us do the groundwork and pull together an itinerary to suit your own needs and individual preferences.

 With our knowledge and expertise, we will create Scottish guided tour like no other. We know and understand the geography of this beautiful country and which parts you would really like to visit.

We can also drop in some places which are literally ‘off the beaten track’ and add an element of surprise and delight for you.

For several years, we have taken our customers to many of the classic attractions that the country has to offer. Everything from a sparkling Edinburgh Tattoo show to a more quiet and tranquil evening of traditional Scottish folk music by the fireside.

With our Scottish guided tours, we are clued up to forthcoming live events and a flavour of what is new and not be missed. Our local knowledge and expertise is likely to be a great assistance to you whilst on one of our Scottish guided tours.

As locals, we feel it to be a pleasure and a privilege to showcase the highlights of our remarkable country.

When asked of the best time to visit Scotland, we would be inclined to tell you that each season is quite remarkable in its own unique way.

 Winter here can be chilly, cold and dark at times. On the other hand, the clarity and brightness we can experience on a winter’s day can be outstanding.

The sparkle and brightness of snow and ice on the Cuillin mountains is truly breath taking.

Come spring when the days start to lengthen, we notice new life emerge as fun-loving lambs appear, frolicking and leaping around their friends. It’s such a delightful time to be on a Scottish guided tour.

In summer, we enjoy produce from our farms and delight in the abundance of berries from the Perthshire fields.

During the summer months in Shetland, and because it is so far north, the ‘simmer dim’ (summer twilight) is enjoyed when the sun only dips below the northern horizon a few hours. In fine weather this can bring the islands almost 19 hours of sunshine a day.

 On a Scottish Guided tour, during the summer months we are likely enjoy a Highland Show somewhere along the line where locals showcase their skills of highland dancing, bagpiping, caber throwing and showing their cattle.

Autumn is such a glorious time in Scotland as the leaves turn and the harvest occurs. The transformation of landscape is formidable as we travel through the countryside on a Scottish guided tour.

The colours are resplendent, and the air has such a crisp, clean quality to it. The fall of leaves at this time of year creates new vistas and angles in our cities, as well as some subliminal views of the mountain tops.

Regardless what time of year you wish to come to Scotland, there is something here for everyone to ensure that a wonderful time to be had at any time.

When is the best time to do your Scottish guided tours?

We often get asked the question on when to visit Scotland. Our weather is often described as “changeable” that means is we can have four seasons in one day. In the height of summer, you can have blistering sunshine one moment and five minuets later, torrential rain and howling gales.

This is all part of Scotland’s charm; you do not travel here for a suntan. Even with our inclement weather, it is often considered an important part of the journey through the Highlands as it adds to the atmosphere. Misty mountains, bracing walks in the countryside in strong wind, light rain on you face as you look in disbelief at the magnificent scenery, are all part of this experience.

The main plus point of traveling the Scottish Highlands in winter is it is considerably quieter than the summer months. You can find endless empty roads and have beeches to yourself.

The downside is many hotels and restaurants in the Highlands are seasonal and are not open in winter.

Occasionally snow can be a problem when you travel north but our local guides are experienced in driving in all conditions and our busses are equipped with winter tyres.

This is when the majority of tourist come to Scotland. All the restaurants and hotels are open and the towns and villages are buzzing with people enjoying themselves. Pubs are full of locals and traveller’s alike and in the Highlands, often traditional music is played.

Even with all these visitors here, our experienced guides can always go beyond the guide books and find the road less travelled to make sure you get to see some of Scotland’s hidden gems on your Scottish guided tours.