6 Day Tour of Scotland

Helping You Plan Your 6 Day Scotland Itinerary

If you have a little bit more time available to travel, select one of our six day Scotland tours for a great way of seeing a large part of our country.

If you’d like to combine your tour with a couple of overnight stays at one of our fantastic smaller towns or villages, you could choose from our selection of six day Scotland tours.

Your Ultimate 6 Day Scotland Itinerary

Experience the ultimate road trip around the north of Scotland on the North Coast 500 and find out why the Bealach na Ba is a road like no other. This is one of the many parts of the country to provide an ultimate jaw dropping experience. The Quirraing on the Isle of  Skye is yet another! By venturing through the Scottish Highlands, you are likely to be mesmerised by the stunning landscapes and extremes of weather at every turn.

By choosing one of our six day tours, there will be a selection of overnight stays at various locations. We will be able to book for you from a selection of either Bed and Breakfast, Hotel or Hostel.

Six day Scotland tours
6 Day Road Trip Scotland
Rainbow on the Isle of Skye

6 Day Scotland Tour from Edinburgh

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6 Day Isle of Skye Tour

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