Terms and Conditions

When booking, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions of Heartland Travel detailed below. Scottish Law and Custom is implied when a booking is made.

Refunds Policy for tours

Up to 28 full days prior to departure there will be a 90% refund. Within 28 days – no refund applies. If you wish to change tour dates, we will endeavour to accommodate your requirement. We can only make refunds back to the credit/debit card that was used to purchase the tour. 


It is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive in good time for the departure. Heartland Travel cannot delay departures for late arrivals however we will always assist you, where possible, to join the tour at a later stage. In this instance, any additional costs will be incurred by the passenger and not Heartland Travel.


Please limit your luggage to a small suitcase, maximum weight 15kg per person. We reserve the right not to carry luggage that we believe to be overweight.

What is included in the price

The price for each tour is inclusive of transportation and guiding only. Lunch and other refreshments are not included. Entrance fees to attractions, ferries and other transportation costs are not included.

Minimum age for our scheduled tours

The minimum age for our scheduled tours is 5 years old. Passengers under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.


The tour price does not include accommodation. Our 3-day tour we always stay at a hostel, usually the Stationmaster’s Lodge, Stromeferry. Occasionally we use other hostels of similar quality, we reserve the right to make this change without consultation.  

For our 4 day tour and private tours, you choose from hostel (£18 to £30 per person per night), en-suite B&B double/twin (£45 to £70 per person per night), B&B single (£45 to £100 per person per night) or hotel (£90 to £200 per person per night). Accommodation is pre-booked in your name and you pay your host on departure. Some accommodation will only accept cash and it is always a good idea to have cash when travelling in rural Scotland. Named accommodation is only possible when we are building a private tour itinerary. For our scheduled tours, named accommodation is not possible at the time of booking.

Personal travel insurance

Personal travel insurance is not included in the price of the tour. If desired, personal travel insurance should be organised independently.


Terms And Conditions for Complaints

Any complaints should be initially directed to your driver/guide who will make every effort to resolve the problem. In the event that a complaint cannot be resolved on the day of the tour then it should be made in writing to [email protected]

Alterations to itineraries

As part of out terms and conditions, we reserve the right to change tour itineraries due to weather, availability of attractions, roadworks or any other situation beyond our control. Refunds will not be offered in these circumstances.

Heartland Travel does not accept liability for any event which is outwith our control. Such events may include (but are not limited to) war or threat of war, terrorist activity or the threat of terrorist activity, civil commotion or riot, disease, epidemic, pandemic, quarantine, any action taken by a governmental or public authority, industrial disputes, collapse of buildings, fire, explosion or accident, traffic or road conditions or road closures, technical or mechanical breakdown, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters and all similar events or circumstances.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

This page explains our approach to privacy on our website and how it affects you.

In short, the following applies to our website:



  • Website Compliance
  • Cookies
  • Emails
  • Social Networks
  • Google Analytics
  • Things you can do

* We collect anonymous usage statistics about your visit, such as which of our pages you viewed.

* Some third parties like Facebook and Twitter may know you visited this website, if you use their services. We can’t control them, but we don’t believe this knowledge poses any threat to you.

* If you share personally identifiable information with us we take great care to keep it safe and we’ll never share it with others without your express permission.

* We never share your data with third parties except to help us deliver our own services.

These are just the key points. If you need details, keep reading.


We regularly review the Heartland Travel website for GDPR compliance and make updates as appropriate. The website uses the HTTPS protocol and is in addition otherwise currently compliant.


Like most websites, we use cookies.

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites store in their visitors’ web browsers. Other technologies, including data we store on your web browser or device, identifiers associated with your device, and other software, are used for similar purposes. In this policy, we refer to all these technologies as “cookies”. Cookies help to improve our services and give you a better experience. For example, they can show us which pages people visit most often, and which are not getting as much attention.

If you wish to block cookies you can do this in your browser settings.


If you provide us with your email address, we may send you emails, either in reply to specific enquiries (such as one made using a contact form) or if you have opted into our email newsletters. You have the ability to opt out of any of this communication at any time.

We will never provide your personal information or email address to any third parties except where they are specifically employed to help deliver our own services.


These services provide social buttons and similar features which we use on our website – such as the “Like” and “Tweet” buttons.

To do so we embed code that they provide, and we do not control ourselves. To function, their buttons generally know if you’re logged in; for example, Facebook uses this to say “x of your friends like this”. We do not have any access to that information, nor can we control how those networks use it.

Social networks therefore could know that you are viewing this website, if you use their services (that isn’t to say they do, but their policies may change). As our website is remarkably inoffensive, we imagine this is not a concern for most users.


We measure visitors to our website using Google Analytics. This records what pages you view within our site, how you arrived at our site and some basic information about your computer, such as the web browser you use and the screen resolution. All of that information is anonymous – so we don’t know who you are; just that somebody visited our site.

The information we collect from analytics helps us understand what parts of our sites are doing well, how people arrive at our site and so on. Like most websites, we use this information to make our website better.

Any data collected by Google Analytics that is associated with cookies, user identifiers or advertising identifiers is retained for a period of up to 26 months.

You can learn more about Google Analytics or opt out if you wish.


You have legal control over your personal data, and so you may at any time:

* get a copy of any personal data we hold about you

* ask that personal data be erased when it’s no longer needed

* ask that your data is not used for marketing purposes

If you need to do so, then please get in touch with us using the button below.

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Terms And Conditions