What will I need on your tours?

What will I need on tour?

Our tour bus may be brand new and very comfortable, but we won’t be spending any longer inside it than we have to. Our tours of the Highlands are not about seeing Scotland through a window; they are all about leaving the tour bus behind and seeing Scotland’s most dramatic sights close up, so make sure you pack appropriately. You don’t need expensive equipment, just a few important basics.


What will I need

You’ll need good walking boots that are as waterproof as possible. All of the walks we do are tailored exactly to the abilities of the party, but no matter how gentle the stroll, the terrain under foot can be muddy and uneven.

Scotland’s weather is changeable, so consider wearing several thin layers that you can peel off or add to as needed, as you warm up or cool down. You’ll need a waterproof for the top layer too. We will be walking near the sea, and doing moderate climbs. Coastal and hilltop views are breezy even in summer, so pack a warm hat and gloves.

Contrary to popular opinion – the Highlands of Scotland are no strangers to the sunshine. If you are touring in the warmer months, you’ll need shades and sunblock, and pack your swimmers if you want to, as previous parties have taken the chance of impromptu dips in Loch Carron. But don’t forget those layers and waterproofs. A bottle of water is a good idea, whatever the weather.

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