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The Quiraing on Skye

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Making travel plans is an art. If you are a discerning traveller, you’ll do a whack of research, stealthily negotiating an average of 38 websites, spending 30 hours (that’s almost a full working week) booking a trip.

Savvy travellers don’t stop at Google; the labyrinthine process also involves: consuming YouTube videos; consulting friends and family; poring over social media and raking around review sites like Trip Advisor before delving into destination or travel agents’ websites.  

When the research phase is complete, next up is a detailed evaluation of the options uncovered before the eventual decision is arrived at and your booking is finally made!

The reason it is as complicated is because there is so much choice and no-one wants to risk a below-par holiday when it can be avoided. After all, time (and cash) are way too precious.

Hence so much online information and so many must-see guides and bucket lists. Travellers love sharing their views about attractions in cities and countries across the world –  and the more people compile these lists and write blogs and stories online, the faster awareness builds about treasures to be explored.

Take for example, the Isle of Skye.  Once a sleepy, simple place, Skye is now a destination comparable in popularity with Loch Ness. It is ranked in the top ten European Islands by Conde Naste readers and – get this – named ‘4th best island in the world’ by National Geographic. Awesome stuff!

Hundreds of thousands of global visitors descend on Skye each year, making a pilgrimage to the mystical Hebridean island where Spielberg’s  BFG was filmed.  With its popularity growing, Skye’s holiday season is stretching and visitor numbers are booming. We find many people like the benefits of our bespoke private tours when visiting Skye and other parts of the Scottish Isles.

Skye has so much to offer, from beautiful scenery to landmarks such as the Old Man of Storr but a main draw is the island’s Fairy Pools – a natural phenomenon known as one of the most magical places in Scotland. Visitors enjoy the walk to and from the area and are attracted to the waterfalls and beautiful crystal clear blue pools in the River Brittle, while adventurous wild swimmers are enticed by the transparent, bracing waters.

Pland a Holiday
Harry Potter bridge
Pland a holiday in Scotland

Heartland Travel is completely smitten by the magic and folklore of Skye. On our tours there, our guide, Nory, a passionate storyteller, absolutely loves taking people to and telling them all about the amazing Fairy Pools. In fact, we love them so much that we are the only tour company departing from Edinburgh, which guarantees a visit to the pools every time we go to Skye.